1965 Alfa Romeo GTA Stradale

1965 Alfa Romeo GTA Stradale

Make: Alfa Romeo

Model: GTA

Type: 1600

Year: 1965

Color: Red

Interior: Skai Nero Fumo

Chassis#: 613917

Alfa Romeo
Chassis #
Skai Nero Fumo

History: Alfa Romeo archive records show this car was built on the 2nd of November 1965 and sold on the 14th of January 1966 to Alfa Romeo in Newark, New Jersey. Selling to a Chicago area stamp collector in 1971. Then selling to former SCCA Regional Champion Bob Shaw in Chicago in 1973. Shaw keeps the GTA for 17 years until 1989. It is then purchased by Grand Prix Classics, who sells it in 1990, to Jeff Rothman of Carlsbad, California. Dr. Rothman undertakes an extensive restoration, using some of the best Southern California Alfa Romeo experts. After 12 years of ownership, he sells it back to Grand Prix Classics in 2002. Later that year, it sells to the MR7 Collection, who keeps it for the next 22 years. Not counting Grand Prix Classics, there are only four documented owners from new.

Condition: An outstanding example of Alfa Romeo’s famous aluminum bodied GTA 1600. This car was completely restored in 2000 and entered in the Concourso Italiana in August of 2001.


It has all of the unique GTA magnesium competition parts:


•Gearbox casing

•Valve cover

•Deep finned sump

The competition driveline parts:

•Limited slip differential with 5.12 ring & pinion

•Close ratio gearbox

•Sliding block assembly

•The larger 7” magnesium Campagnolo wheels

Engine: A correct GTA numbered engine block with twin plug cylinder head.

Summary: A beautifully and correctly restored example of the Alfa Romeo GTA Stradale with all the rare Corsa parts and 7” Campagnolo wheels. A known ownership from new. Ready to be street driven, entered into a car show or just enjoyed.

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1965 Alfa Romeo GTA Stradale
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