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Trusted authority in the private sales of fine historic cars.

We have the experience of handling high value cars.  We understand what gives a car value.  Today’s market for collecting truly unique cars has never been so dynamic. Consequently, discerning owners are assessing their collections, making trades and choosing smart ways to grow their investments.


Acquisition of the perfect car is our specialty.

In addition to our extensive inventory, we have an expansive network of collectors and owners to help connect you to the specific vehicle you are looking for. 

We understand the journey to finding the perfect car.  We know where to look.  


Award winning restorations.

Whether you are preparing a car for a sale, or acquiring a new classic, our restoration workshop will make sure it is perfect.   We understand the history of the classic car and have the capability and reputation for turning out award-winning restorations to an unsurpassed level of detail – down to every nut and bolt.