We consign the finest historic sports and racing cars.


Experts in matching your car with the right buyer.

We have the experience of handling high value cars.  We understand what gives a car value.  Today’s market for collecting truly unique cars has never been so dynamic. Consequently, discerning owners are assessing their collections, making trades and choosing smart ways to grow their investments.

Aligning oneself with the right buyers and securing the best price is imperative. We will help you with all aspects including research, history, mechanical condition, factory build sheets, period photos, and assembly of a professional portfolio. We also offer expert market analysis, research of sales comparables and accurate pricing.

If needed, our service department can do the minor repairs and detailing needed to prepare your car for sale.

Applying an array of customized marketing strategies, we are able to source the best price for your car.  Familiar with all import-export requirements and the many nuances involved in the selling of exceptional cars, we are well-positioned to match your car to the right buyer from our extensive international client base.

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How we consign your historic vehicle.

Collecting fine and exclusive cars is so much more than simply a hobby.  It is an art, a personal journey, a prized investment and ultimately a lifestyle.  Considerations of value, total cost of ownership and vehicle condition are just some of key factors that are essential to a successful transaction.  

Grand Prix Classics has been in the business for four decades and as a result, we have an impressive track record of hundreds of successful sales and purchases of some of the world’s most sought-after vehicles.

If you are looking to sell a car from your collection, working with the right team is paramount.  

We offer you industry experience and exceptional knowledge on:

  • Market analysis of like kind sales
  • International client base
  • Research and understanding of your car
  • Preparing the car for sale with our service department

Once a car is ready for sale, it is not just a matter of creating a post online.  We do so much more; the work that truly makes the difference between a passive and active sales process.  It culminates creating a marketing package customized for you.

With our sophisticated network of international collectors, together with four decades devoted to understanding the industry, we have the proven ability to connect collectors and sellers at the perfect time.  Rest assured, from transaction to transport, we make the process seamless for you.

Leveraging 45 years of networking in the industry.

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