1976 Chevron B36

1976 Chevron B36 Grand Prix Classics
Type2.0 Liter Sports Prototype
Year1976 (1985)
ColorBlue, yellow Sunoco colors

Chevron built the original run of the 2.0 liter B36 sports prototypes in the mid 1970s. In the early 1980s, Chevron cars was sold to Roger Andreason who carried on the manufacturing of Chevron cars. This car built in 1985 by Chevron would be considered a continuation car. Selling to Peter Gulick who had Lee Chapman Racing (Newtown, Conn.) take care of it. Then to Steve Scullen who had GMT Racing (Newtown, Conn.) look after it. Then to Peter McLaughlin who had the car with GMT and SascoSports (Alton, Va.).

Professionally, turned out, in Sunoco colors of blue and yellow. Ten races from a complete ground-up restoration. Continuous race preparation since. Many new parts over the winter, including new front and rear stub axels, bearings, wheel nuts, wheel halves, CV joints, hats and rotors. New repo Lockheed calipers of the proper type. Three races since rebuild of 2.0 HART 420R on fuel injection by Hank Clarkson. This car is ready to go.

Hewland GT200, 5-speed with cam and pawl, 9.31 ring and pinion. Rebuilt with about three races time.

Of Note
With the most famous and best cars going for $275,000 to $300,000, this car is priced appropriately for its condition and history.


$150,000 O.B.O.